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A Special Message From H2CC

Today our physical offices are semi-closed. H2 has always been a virtual company, but we wanted you to know that a great team with great computers can work anywhere. So it is possible that we are affected less than many of you.

The spread of the Virus is a great concern to us and we are sure it is a cause of concern for all of you. At H2 the health of our team, family, friends and customers is our primary concern. The one thing we are positive about is that this will pass, things may return to a “different” normal, but they will return. We ask that everyone be mindful of the rules, stay safe and make sure you to keep your distance! Everyone is anxious. Not just as individuals, but also as a family. We can lament over the loss of our personal freedoms but that is inevitable as a result of these events.

Life is on a bit of a hold. Soon enough merchandise will get photographed, images silhouetted, drop shadows added and catalogs printed, but measured against the backdrop of the pandemic, their urgency seems a bit diminished.

We also wanted to take a moment to express our condolences to any of our “family” who were personally touched by the loss of loved ones, or who have family or friends who are ill. Thank you all those who called and asked about the safety of our team and their families.

We appreciate your business, and more importantly, we value you.